Marina and I manage our company. My roots are in Torino and my heart is in Asia, but my curiosity and exploration has no borders. I believe I am here to learn, and so I do.
I was once only dedicated to antique textile art but I have now extended my vision to comprehend vintage rugs and textiles from allover the world. The keywords are always Quality, Originality, Beauty. Age is not a discriminating element anymore.
My contemporary carpets are a result of combining inspired, talented designers and the skilled craftmanship in this field that is unique to Asia. My experience is played to find the right formula and blend the elements together. Since 1994 I have been creating carpet collections with weaving workshops in Asia and I continue to work with my partners at TAK ÖZER, in Kathmandu and Lahore, because we have evolved together, and I like that.
My sister, Marina, assists me in everything I do but her focus, since 1998, is the conservation and restoration of precious rugs and textiles from our inventory and on behalf of our clients’ collections and possessions.

Our partners are LAPCHI and DRAGA OBRADOVIC.